Travel Reports and Customer Feedbacks 


Mathias Heerwagen, Germany

Nine month from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego

From Alaska to Tierra del FuegoNine months with the motorcycle from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, 55.000 kilometer through 15 countries. Ice on the polar circle, heat in Middle- & South America and lots of dust and rain – and SW-Motech/Bags-Connection was always part of it. After months of exertions the solid drybag is still waterproof.
Follow the link of the panamerican-tour:

Axel Viertlböck, Germany

One year through South America…

Ein Jahr durch SüdamerikaThis dream became true for Axel und Suse. They travelled on two Suzuki DR 650 SE through Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brasil, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. BAGS-CONNECTIONs Enduro Strap Tankbag joined them. Their exciting and detailed travel report is online at

Krzysztof Rzadkowski, Poland

8.000 km trough Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia and Ukraine.

SW-MOTECH GeorgiaOur trip to GEORGIA finaly has ended. It was a fantastic experience, we drove 8000 km through six countries (Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine). We ran both in deserts and in the high mountains.
The road was different because one day we were riding on asphalt and next whole day on the gravel in high mountains, crossing the streams.


SW-MOTECH equipment really worked out :

  • CRASHBAR, HANDGUARD KIT, - itp. - because of it I felt safe
  • TraX ® EVO - a great thing, lot of space, comfortable, top-loading meant that to everything I had good access
  • TraX ® Expansionbag - we kept the basic things so that everything was at hand: chain lube, water bottle, snacks. When we shopped we could quickly enlarge the volume and there was no problem to pack everything.
  • Drybag - cool thing, very durable, easy to install, roomy - there was located all camping equipment. After a day of driving with gravel I knew that at the evening tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat will be clean and dry - and this is very important after a day's drive
  • TraX ® EVO Topcase - This was the command center - we kept there maps, guide books, camera , and the most needed things
  • Engage - In my opinion the most needed in my journey, most easily accessible place thanks to large carrying handles at the lock can be easily operated with gloves on - and this is invaluable when it goes throu the highway and you have to take out ticket or money
  • Canister - it saved us several times of trouble and we had to use it so for sure the next expedition I'm taking it with me.

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Romania SalvatoreMarco, Italy:

“I'm writing you just to give you some feedback about your products. The parts that you provided me are fantastic!
The crashbar, the handguards, engineguards are really cool, and they're doing their work, without problems. Due to the good quality of the material, my motorbike is still ok, despite some little bike-crash i had during the travel!
By the way, they remain great bags! Differently from aluminum bags, they don't dirty my clothes, so i can keep them clean, even if i lay them in the bags for long times.“


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Bea and Helle, Germany:

Mongolei, 2.600 above sea-level, 0 degree centigrade (degree celcius), astonishing view. We have been crashing quite a bit lately but our equipment is still solid. Many thanks to SW-MOTECH and BAGS-CONNECTION who support us on our motorcycle tour with 2 Magnet-Tankbag "Trial" and 2 Tailbag Drybag L. We are on the road for 6 weeks now and our current location is Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia. We will ride to Lake Baikal tomorrow and looking forward to further adventures. For more information about our motorcycle world tour, please visit us on our homepage at


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Erik Peters, Germany

Adventure NORTH AMERICA - 15.000 miles from Mexico to Canada

Imogene Pass, ColoradoOn the chase for adventures, photojournalist Erik Peters explores the northern part of the American continents. 15.000 miles on the road along the Caribbean coast of Mexico through Americas Wild West up to the Canadian metropolis Vancouver.
Eriks Tenere is equipped with TraX® Alu-Boxes, Handguards, QUICK-LOCK EVO Side Carrier, ALU-RACK, Footrest-Kit, Crashbars, HAWK Foglight-Kits and Drybag.
He discovered the amazing beauty and wideness North Americas and met lots of people on the way who had exiting stories to tell.


Camping in UtahThe audience gets close to the action when Erik explores the temples of the Maya in the tropical rain forest, joins the ‘Jimadores’ at the agave harvest in Tequila, fails in Las Vegas on his try to increase his travel budget or his dare to conquer his fear of heights in the bizarre rock world Utahs.
Erik’s great sense of humour accompanied the film besides exciting information about the travelled countries. This spectacular ‘road movie’ awakes the travel bug and fascinates from the first minute. Fantastic and crazy.


Running time: 104 min
Language: German
DVD price: 15,95 €
Buying source: DVD in our Shop

Family Nagy, Germany:

„My wife got wet during a thunderstrom in the hungarian Marta mountains. Also the huge leaf at the helmet didnt't help much as against to our luggage in the TraX® Evo ALU-BOX and the TraX® Expansionbags
4500km through the Karpaten, Pustza, Marta mountains and Tatra easily with the stable and waterproofed TraX® Panniersystems“.





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Thomas Goertz, Germany:

„Our new TraX® Evo ALU-BOXes have arrived!
Because on the Alp there is already a Hepco & Becker carrier mounted we quickely installed the adapterkit. Fits like a glove - except for a pilot hole at back which could be atapted with a file.
The cases 37l and 45l. convinced me instantly due to to their good looking and the fast mounting.(If you can call it that)“.





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 Fred Zagrodnik, Germany:

Fred Zagrodnik mit TrialTouring rider Fred Zagrodnik of tested BAGS-CONNECTIONS Tankbag QUICK-LOCK Trial.

Conclusion: "The Trial from SW-MOTECH & BAGS -CONNECTION is a very handy travelling companion, which point out the special features in manageability and processing.






Trial TankrucksackFortunately, my motorcycle had already been quipped with a small but mighty tank bag from SW-MOTECH and BAGS-CONNECTION.
The Daypack is fixed with a smart closure on the tank and carries my digital reflex camera perfectly. In addition, my Netbook for communication on the move was also perfectly suited in the bag. The bags attached to side carried my rain cover and sunglasses on the one, and my external harddisk, a small pad and a few pens on the other side.
A plus is the usage of the Trial as belt bag. Therefore, you have to unzip the left side. Another feature and absolute advantage of the Trial is the quick release fastener. It has never been that easy to refuel the motorcycle.




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 Louis, Holland:

LouisHere 2 photos of my bike. they haven been taken on the "Cherohala Skyway" on the frontier between Tennessee and North Carolina.









LouisLast time i bought 2x45 liter and 37 liter TraX® innerbags and took them with me in the USA.
The two 45 liter bags were for my Sidecases and the two 37 liter bags i used to tie them on my cases. Worked well and all my things remained dry. 







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 Peter Damerius and wife, Germany:

Damerius mit ALU-BOXIn june/july 2010 me and my wife went on holiday to Norway for a 5000 km tour! We got to know an interesting country ( with great camping grounds) we would like to visit anytime again.








Damerius mit ALU-BOXIndeed we had rain again and again, once 2 full days at a stretch as if you have a shower.
But her cases with the QUICK-LOCK System really not even let through one waterdrop.
My wife is enthusiastic about your cases!






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Paul-Mirko Fortak, Germany:


Paul-Mirko Fortak SchottlandreiseThe panniersystem did a great service to me in Scotland and the processing really convinced me.
Even with a vehicle load capacity of ca. 40-50kg (spread on all 3 cases) on the round about 3500km long tour ich couldn't detect any weak spots. Practical were also the waterproofed innerbags which have proved to be successful in the scottish rain and kept my luggage dry.

Kind regards,
Paul-Mirko Fortak

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 Paul Krans, New Zealand:

Paul Krans auf seiner DucatiThe photo was taken on day 5 of a 10 day 10000km super tour in New Zealand, next to the longest place name in the world. I have travelled on that bike a total of 27000 km in 7 weeks in New Zealand.
The tank bag has travelled the same 27000 km distance faultless. I converted to the electric top ring and mounted a GPS on the tank bag 15000km ago, an arrangement that has worked out well.








Paul KransA competitor’s rear bag failed at 5000km and was replaced with the SW-MOTECH rearbag which has been trouble free for 22000km. Both are still like new!





Detailed information about his tour under:

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 Osvaldo Garcia, Portugal:

Osvaldo Garcia

Several times potugisian Trial Champion will started on 5th april his motorcycle-journey from portugal to south africa. In celebration of the football world championship in south africa he will hand over the flag of the country to the portugisian team.

Equipped with his AJP PR4 200 with TraX® of SW-MOTECH. We wish him all the best and good luck in south africa!





 Paul van Ede, Australia:

Paul van EdeI've been very happy with these bars! I highly recommend them to other Tiger owners. They do an EXCELLENT job of protecting the bike when dropped. I've dropped it a couple of times.
The crashbar has completely protected everything. I've also got Triumph hand guards and when on the ground the bars & hand guards are the only things that touches the ground.

Paul van Ede




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  Matthew Philpott, Australia:

Matthew PhillpottMy first impression of the handlebar was its great technical look and superb finish. A key feature of the handlebar is its adjustability. This allowed me to customise the height and position of the handlebar to my preferred set up. The damping in the Nonshock system can also be adjusted for individual rider preferences.
My first ride with the handlebar was on my KTM 250 EXC F. It was a full day ride which included tight single line trail and some open fire trails in the rugged Australian bush. I soon appreciated the benefits of the Nonshock system which offers a smother ride and reduced rider fatigue. On the open fire trails there were many large erosion humps. This is where the handlebar really showed its Nonshock ability. Landing from a great height has never been smoother. It amazed me just how much shock the handlebar took up on the bone normally crunching landings. I liked the bar so much I wanted to try it on my KTM 950 Adventure bike.
So after a quick handlebar swap to my 950 and the addition of the new SW-MOTECH Barkbusters handguards I was off on an Adventure ride. The handguard consists of a large stylish plastic guard, a strong aluminium backbone and mounting system. On rough corrugated dirt roads the ride was certainly smoother and I was less fatigued by the end of the day. The wind and cold weather protection from the handguards helped make the long day’s adventure ride a pleasure.

Matthew Philpott

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 Dirk Manderbach, Germany:

Dirk ManderbachI got the Nonshock Endurance-Bar of SW-MOTECH in the middle of april 2009. At least I havent seen something comparable in Germany.
This part is in heigth and damping adjustable to my wishes and looks also fantastic. After a long day on the bike I can confirm the bar is a good value. Above all the arms are charged less strong unlike a normal bar. And at every wheelie you make and every stair you take with the bike you come to like the damping of this bar. Only without holding on it's doesn't pay.

Dirk Manderbach

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 A. Hirsekorn, Germany:


Hello Team SW - MOTECH,

Yesterday i mounted the new Frame Slider Kits on the Triumph Street Triple R. Never before i held such a well designed accessory part in the hands.Optics and mounting enthuse.
It delighted me a lot. 

A. Hirsekorn
(Marlok Automotive)




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  Erik Peters, Germany:

Erik Peters Oman-IslandSuch an adventure, such exertions and above all such feeling of happiness when I successfully ended my motorcycle trip after almost 30.000 kilometers at Cologne Cathedral. 23 countries in four month, from Iran to Oman and up to the north of Iceland and further on to the Faroes Islands. Heat, dust, sand, ice, snow and mud have been daily companions on the journey from 1001 nights to the midnight sun.

As always, the success and failure of such a motorcycle tour also dependent on the equipment which supports oneself day in, day out. For this I would like to express my sincere thanks to SW MOTECH and congratulate them to their excellent products.

Remarkable is also the Nonshock Endurance-Bar, which I was given to test for the first time. Due to the Nonshock Endurance Bar I did not have to fight with numb arms and fingers after many day´s of riding the motorcycle. This has given me more safety when I had to use the breaks in an emergent situation.

Furthermore, I would like to mention the TraX® ALU-BOXes, which served us extremely well. Despite multiple crashes into the sand, onto the rocks, in the mud and water, the ALU-BOXes have stayed solid at all times. Thanks to the cases I did not suffer a fracture of the lower leg because they have alleviated the weight of the motorcycle. Besides keeping the content dry and easily accessible, the cases have also managed to lift the motorcycle when exchanging wheels and being used as seats at the bonfire.

Erik Peters Oman Island

Best regards,
Erik Peters

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