General questions
Q: I cannot find my motorcycle in the Online Shop model list. Does SW-MOTECH still offer products that fit my motorcycle?
A: We only list model designations tested by us with our products. Due to the wide number of partially country-specific motorcycle models, as a general rule we are not able to test our products on every model. Many of our products that are not bike-specific (saddle bags, tankbags, GPS universal holders, etc.) fit on a large number of other motorcycles. However, we cannot mention any specific product recommendations here. If in doubt on how to find the right solution for your model, we recommend that you visit one of our preferred dealers near you.

Our Network Dealers on
http://shop.sw-motech.com/en/Infos/SERVICE/Network+dealer+-Germany-.htm >>
Q: I am interested in a product that is listed for my motorcycle as of model year 200x, however this model was first sold starting in 20XX. There must be a mistake here in the model assignment.
A: With our model year data we always conform to the release data of the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) for the motorcycle models. It can happen occasionally that the manufacturers of new motorcycle models register with the KBA one year or more before the start of sales and we thus receive reports of time periods from deviating model years.
If you are not sure of the correct model assignment based on the model year, please always check as well whether the type designation given by us agrees with the one on your motorcycle registration.
Q: Why do your products have a speed limit of 130 km/h (80 mph) and a maximum allowable total load of X kg?
A: Technical, liability and driving dynamics reasons exist for both specifications. Critical for the indicated loading limits for our luggage are, on the one hand, manufacturers specifications for loading and, for example, the loading capacity of the rear frame, and on the other hand the fastening points that we can use. In Germany a standard partial blame of all parties is established from a speed of more than 130 km/h (80 mph). For this reason we have also set this speed limit as a limit.
In any case we ask you to always remember that the driving characteristics of your motorcycle can change by attaching luggage solutions. The changes increase with higher speed and higher loading, regardless of whether the function of our luggage solutions is given even with higher loading and /or speed.
Q: Do I need an ABE (General Operating License) for my product?
A: The following information is primary directed at our german customers. If you have questions regarding the country-specific approval for road use, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

Our products are always marked with an ABE symbol in the Online Shop:
  • No ABE required  No ABE required
  • ABE in process  ABE in process
  • ABE available  ABE available
  • No ABE available  No ABE available
An ABE is required for handlebar extensions, adapters and mounts, mirror extensions, footrests, centre stands, our speedometer housing and our non-shock endurance handlebar. These are in the download section under Point 2. General Operating License (ABE)
TUV certifications (ABE)
Our HAWK fog lamps have an ECE test mark and may therefore be installed on vehicles according to specifications, without its operating license being voided.
Q: I would like to install a handlebar extension or adapter on my motorcycle. Unfortunately SW-MOTECH does not offer any ABE for exactly this model. Can I use the product anyway?
A: The following information is primary directed at our german customers. If you have questions regarding the country-specific approval for road use, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

A General Operating License is only authorised from KBA for models tested by us. A restricted steering stop and an insufficient length of the electrical cables, Bowden cables and hydraulic lines are criteria that can lead us to not apply for an ABE. Benefit to user and costs for installation and retrofitting should be in healthy proportion.
Some models we simply could not test up until now. Our ABE's are, however, being continually expanded. In many cases it is possible to have the handlebar extension assessed and be approved by TÜV or Dekra afterwards. For this purpose we are glad to make our ABE available to you, and on request the material assessment if necessary. The available ABEs are found under:
Spare parts
Q: I need a spare part. However, I cannot find the right part in the Online Shop. How can I order the part I need?
A: The following information is primary directed at our german customers. If you come from a country for which we can provide you a distributor (Distributor list >> ), please use the following way to identify the correct spare part number and contact your distributor to order the parts. Customers from all other countries are welcome to order spare parts from us using the following way.
Unfortunately due to the high volume we cannot offer all spare parts in our Webshop. Accessories and spare parts for our bags and tankbags are located under the corresponding tab under Luggage System. There is the following option for almost all other spare parts:
  1. Search in the Online Shop for the item for which a spare part is needed.
  2. If you call up the item, you will find under the item description a link for "mounting instructions (PDF)".
  3. Open the mounting instructions and note the item number and quantity of the required spare parts from the overview.
  4. Write us an email at info@sw-bc.com and give us the desired spare part number(s). Our customer service will then promptly send you a quote.
    Please have understanding regarding the delivery time. We do not have all individual parts in stock and these must first be produced if necessary.
Q: I scratched one of the guards of my handguard kit. Can I also get this plastic shell individually?
A: The plastic shells of our handguards are available in pairs as spare parts.
The item numbers of the respective models are:

KOBRA Handguard Shells: HPR.00.220.20000/B
BBSTORM Handguard Shells: HPR.00.220.10000/B
QUICK-LOCK luggage racks
Q: How much weight can the QUICK-LOCK (EVO) luggage rack carry?
A: The weight of the rack and the load capacity varies depending on the motorcycle. The exact information can always be found in the respective PDF mounting instructions. These are found below the item description.
Additionally, on each QUICK-LOCK luggage rack (and also on our other luggage rack solutions) there is a label stating the maximum load.
Q: Are anti-theft devices included in the delivery of the QUICK-LOCK EVO luggage racks?
A: The anti-theft devices are only included in delivery of the luggage systems (TraX® und AERO). The QUICK-LOCK anti-theft device can be ordered separately as a kit for individual QUICK-LOCK EVO luggage racks under item number QLS.00.046.10100/B.
Q: Can I secure the QUICK-LOCK / QUICK-LOCK EVO luggage rack against theft?
A: Yes, by using the QUICK-LOCK anti-theft device (QLS.00.046.10100/B).
Q: Can the luggage rack adapter kit of the 1st QUICK-LOCK generation also be used for the new QUICK-LOCK EVO luggage rack (or vice versa)?
A: As the adapter kits for the new QUICK-LOCK EVO racks are different than the 1st generation, a combination is unfortunately not possible.
Q: Is it also possible to mount the AERO side bag on the old QUICK-LOCK luggage rack?
A: Unfortunately the AERO adapter kits only fit on the new QUICK-LOCK EVO luggage racks.
QUICK-LOCK tankbags and tankrings
Q: What is the difference between the ION and the BAGS-CONNECTION tankbags?
A: Our QUICK-LOCK tankbag series "ION" is an economical alternative to our premium solution QUICK-LOCK EVO tankbags.
In order to offer you high quality products at lower entrance prices, various features of the BAGS-CONNECTION series are only included in adapted form in the ION series.
So, for example, unfortunately no device holder can be mounted on the front. In addition, instead of the 1680 ballistic nylon, an exterior material made of 600D polyester is used and the red inlay of the premium luggage bags is missing. A raincover can be bought as an option.
Q: I would like to retrofit with an electric tankring. What do I need to do this?
A: A retrofit is possible both in the case of the QUICK-LOCK tankring system of the 1st generation as well as for the QUICK-LOCK EVO variant.
If you have our standard QUICK-LOCK tankring (TRT.XX.475.1XX) you must buy a new electric topring and bike-specific tankring.
For the QUICK-LOCK EVO variants of the tankring system (TRT.XX.640.XXXXX) only the purchase of an electric EVO topring is required (TRE.00.640.10200/B). With this you receive the necessary electric kit for your existing bottom ring.
Q: I cannot measure any current on the contacts of my electric tankring. Is the plug defective?
A: Due to a solenoid switch, the contacts of the tankrings are first supplied with current as soon as the tankbag (topring) is set on.
If after setting on the tankbag there is still no current coming to the contacts, there can be various causes:
  • Tankbag is not correctly set on >> Check the position and fasten again
  • Cable is not connected properly >> Check wiring and connect correctly
  • Gold contacts on the topring are melted >> Visual inspection for holes on the bottom ring contact surface
  • (Standard QUICK-LOCK system) Switching relay defective >> Check the relay
  • (QUICK-LOCK EVO System) Solenoid switch defective >> Check the solenoid switch with strong magnets. A clicking should be audible.
Q: Are the ION tankbags also available with the EVO tankring?
A: The ION tankbags are only supplied with the 1st generation QUICK-LOCK  system.
Retrofit to the QUICK-LOCK EVO system is possible by purchasing a QUICK-LOCK EVO topring (TRT.00.640.10200/B) and if necessary a bike-specific EVO bottom ring.
Q: What does 1680 ballistic nylon mean and what makes it so "special"?
A: 1680 ballistic nylon is an extremely resistant and durable synthetic nylon fibre, that was originally developed for bulletproof vests. In comparison to Cordura, 1680 ballistic nylon can be more easily processed and more densely woven, which also makes improved coating possible.
BLAZE® panniers
Q: Are the BLAZE pannier brackets available to buy individually?
A: We only offer the brackets of the BLAZE panniers in the set with BLAZE bags.
However, if there is a case of damage or change of motorcycle we will supply a quote for an individual attachment kit upon submission of the original bill.
Q:Can I take a passenger when using the BLAZE panniers or is this even legal?
A: No legal restrictions are known to us when using the BLAZE panniers with a passenger. However, the seating quality for the passenger is unfortunately somewhat limited by the Velcro fastener. In individual cases leg freedom can also be restricted.
Q: I would like to buy the BLAZE panniers for my motorcycle, however my model/year of manufacture is not listed.
A: The attachment kits of the BLAZE panniers are developed and fabricated specific to a model. As a general rule it is therefore not possible to mount these on different models/year of manufacture.
Q: Are the hardcases that are offered waterproof and can I operate my smartphone through the cover?
A: Our hardcases are water- and weather-resistant.
The functionality of your device still exists. Photos/videos can be taken and of course the device can also be charged in the hardcase. Thanks to the special membrane, the operation of the touchpad is also possible (depending on which gloves are worn).
Q: Are the NAVi bags that are offered waterproof and can I operate my device through the cover?
A: Our NAVi bags are water- and weather-resistant. The device inside can also be operated through the special membrane used.
Q: The mounting frame is missing in delivery with my QUICK-LOCK GPS mount.
A: Please notice that the mounting frame is normally clicked on the plug-in frame and is easily overlooked, as these parts look like a single part in the delivered condition.
Q: Can I still see my instruments after mounting the QUICK-LOCK GPS mount?
A: During the development of the bike-specific holder we give the following points a high priority
  • Operation of the existing instruments on the motorcycle
  • A view of these instruments as unrestricted as possible
In some cases we are forced to a use a compromise solution due to the limited space available, in which the viewing field to the instruments is restricted. Please understand that we cannot give a general statement that applies to all navigation devices.
Q: Will a motorcycle helmet fit in the TraX® EVO ALU-BOX?
A: A helmet can be stored in the topcase, but unfortunately not in the sidecases.
Q: Are TraX® EVO ALU-BOXes waterproof?
A: The contents are water- and weather-resistant.
Q: Are locks included in delivery of the TraX® EVO ALU-BOXes?
A: As there are three different case combination options and we always want to offer you a single-key locking system, the locks must be  ordered separately. Depending on the number of cases, we recommend that you also order these locks:

1 case or 1 topcase: ALK.00.165.16502
2 cases: ALK.00.165.16402
2 cases and 1 Topcase: ALK.00.165.16302

The correct lock cylinder set is only included in the pannier systems (TraX® und AERO).
Q: Can the keys of the TraX® (EVO) ALU-BOX lock cylinder or the AERO sidecase lock be combined with the QUICK-LOCK anti-theft device?
A: As this concerns different locking systems, it is unfortunately not possible to offer single-key locking solutions for cases and QUICK-LOCK anti-theft devices.
Q: Can I order replacement keys for the lock cylinder of the TraX® EVO ALU-BOX or the AERO sidecase?
A: The following information is primary directed at our german customers. If you come from a country for which we can provide you a distributor (Distributor List >> ), please use the following way to identify the correct spare part number and contact your distributor to order the parts. Customers from all other countries are welcome to order spare parts from us using the following way.

Unfortunately it is not possible to order or make a replacement key with the key code.
Complete lock cylinder sets for our TraX® EVO ALU-BOXes can be ordered directly in the Online Shop under the following item numbers:

For 1 case bzw. 1 Topcase / 2 locks, 2 keys: ALK.00.165.16502
For 2 cases / 4 locks, 2 keys: ALK.00.165.16402
For 2 cases and 1 topcase / 6 locks, 2 keys: ALK.00.165.16302
Q: I am interested in a T-RaY topcase and would like to mount this on an ALU-RACK. Do I have to order the QUICK-LOCK adapter plate separately?
A: Generally a universal adapter plate is included in the delivery. However, if you want to use the QUICK-LOCK function, a QUICK-LOCK adapter plate must be ordered as well.
Attention must be paid here to the fact that there are two sizes:
Topcase Basic and M: GPT.00.152.46000/B
Topcase L and XL: GPT.00.152.46100/B
Elektric Motorbike Adapter
Q: Are the Electric Motorbike adapters also waterproof?
A: The Electric Motorbike adapters are not waterproof, just as are almost all other switches on the motorcycle.
Centre Stands
Q: I bought and installed an SW-MOTECH centre stand for my motorcycle. Now the motorcycle is difficult to jack up and stands very straight. Is it meant to be this way?
A: In the development of our centre stands we always attempt to select the best possible angle, so that the motorcycle is easy to jack up and then stands securely.
Unfortunately it is not always possible – due to design restrictions by the motorcycle manufacturer – to select the perfect angle for the best leverage effect. The suitability of our centre stands are thoroughly tested by TÜV in the scope of issuing the ABE and documented by ABE 30365*14 and 30910*03. Here several upward or downward incline simulations are simulated.
In any case we ask you first to check whether the product is installed exactly according to the mounting instructions.
Maintenance Stands
Q: How much is the loading capacity of the maintenance stands in kg?
A: Weight limit is 180 kg for our CE tested Enduro and Supermoto maintenance stands.
Q: How is the lower position of the footrest kit measured?
A: The footrest kit can either be attached in the original position or 15 mm lower. The position of the textured surface including the rubber pad is measured.