(a) B2B-Partner

Our B2B partners can see their prearranged payment conditions in the shop.

(b) End customers

You can pay via DIRECTebanking, PayPal, credit card or cash on delivery.



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Account charge


During order process
 PayPalExpress - (Your PayPal settings)  
 Credit card End of order process  
 Cash on delivery 7,- € (cash on delivery GLS) GLS-Deliverer rises 2,10- € fee.


  • DIRECTebanking

    • Costs: 

    • is a new and innovative payment method with TUV certificate and checked transcation security which is developed and provided by the Payment Network AG.

    • DIRECTebanking sets a transfer automatically and in real time on your online bank account via the secured paying Form of the Payment Network AG which is not accessible for dealers.The purchase amount gets directly transfered on the bank account of SW-Motech GmbH & Co. KG.

    • End customers, who are not registered on, are allowed to use this payment method, too.

    • Your Advantage: After your payment completion via SW-Motech receives a confirmation about your successful transaction. The usual delay of other prepayments because of processing time at the bank is not applicable.

    • Notice to liability in abuse cases:
      Up to now there were no misusages using (TUV certificated online payment method). As a precaution points out that there are many banks and savings banks, which lead to assume that the use of the service because of the use of your PIN and TAN to shift liability for any abuses by third parties. This may mean that your bank refuses the abuse case to take the damage, and as a result you have to bear the loss. As a precaution therefore, the operator of the service, Payment Network AG, signed an insurance policy in your favor, replaced the damage in case of abuse in accordance with the policy conditions set out at this link. In this way you will be protected under the scope of insurance against possible liability risks.
      More information here:
      This will protect you in the context of the scope of the insurance from possible liability risks.

    • Requirements for paying with
      Basically you can use it as payment method if you have an activated bank account with PIN / TAN procedure. Please note that in a few banks DIRECTebanking is not available yet.
      HBCI (Home Banking Computer Interface) with smart card is not supported by You don’t need to sign up for the use of You only need the following:

• A bank account online use
• Your account number
• Your bank code
• The PIN of your online banking account
• A TAN of your online banking account
• Possibly other data from your online banking system
The sequence:

Step 1 Select DIRECTebanking as payment method
Step 2 Supplement the previously entered order with your bank routing number and account number in the secure payment form
Step 3 Confirm transfer with PIN- and TAN-data
  • PayPalExpress

    Costs: We calculate no additional costs for using PayPalExpress.

    With PayPal Express you can pay by direct debit, giropay, credit card or PayPal balance. It is necessary to have a registered PayPal account. To pay you only have to specify your PayPal username and your password. You receive a confirmation e-mail for every transaction. You can see every activity at your PayPal account.

    Cookies: To use PayPal it is necessary to allow cookies.

    Safe: Your bank and credit card data are stored in the PayPay database only. Therefore these data are not transmitted by internet every time you buy something. 

    Payment is complete with two clicks, because you do not need to enter your payment data every time you buy something, they are stored at PayPal.

    PayPal payments come in quickly, so we can send the goods to you immediately and generally you get them earlier.

    Data security advise: Please note that if you use PayPal, your personal data are saved in the USA under the data privacy rules of the USA.

  • Direct debit

    Costs: We calculate no additional costs when paying via direct debit from your bank account at a credit institution in Germany.

    While completion of the order we instruct our credit institution with the debit of the inovoice amount.

  • Credit card

    Costs: You can pay by the following credit cards at the shop of SW-MOTECH: MasterCard and VISA-Card.

    Your credit card gets burdened with end of your order.

  • Cash on delivery

    Please pay upon receipt of the goods in cash to the delivery person.

    Costs: We calculate a cash on delivery fee in the amount of 7€.
    GLS calculates an additional transfer fee of 2,10€. The delivery agent rises the fee locally.
    We offer cash on delivery only to Germany and Austria.